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About Ford Insurance Agency

The team at Ford Insurance Agency has been providing our clients with creative and competitively priced insurance programs for over 30 years. Ford Insurance Agency has the staff and resources to make it one of Northern Michigan’s premier insurance agencies providing personal insurance, business insurance, life insurance and employee benefits to the communities we serve.

Ford Insurance Agency has partnered with some of the states, the regions, and nation’s greatest insurance carriers, which allows us to tailor robust and valuable insurance programs for our clients. We are a Trusted Choice agency that is proud of what we do and would love to offer our services, expertise, and creativity to create an insurance program tailored to your needs.

Ford Insurance Agency has delivering comprehensive insurance solutions since 1982. We have plenty of stories (most of which we can’t tell) but one story we LOVE to tell is how our company got started, and what better way to hear about it than from David Ford himself.

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Q: How did Ford Insurance agency get started?

David Ford: “My Grandfather owned an insurance agency in Detroit. Back in the early 70’s, my Dad decided to leave the family business and move up north. He started an insurance office in Glen Arbor called Devette Insurance Agency. Despite the fact that there was only one traffic light and no pizza place, we loved it and soon enough he had the entire family working on stuffing mailers and licking stamps. After college I swore off insurance and said I wouldn’t do it. I moved to Chicago, I was traveling out of town weekly and eventually my wife and I decided to move back to Traverse City and of course my Dad put me to work immediately. Soon after that we started the agency in Traverse City and here we are today.”

Q: How does it make you feel?

David Ford: “At the end of the day I feel like it’s a job well done. Sometimes we save clients’ money, sometimes we help them sleep at night. Sometimes we make it possible for them to get a loan which is the gateway to the expansion of their dreams. If not for us (the Insurance Industry) people wouldn’t assume the risk to build it. Look at the Empire State Building. Nobody would put all of their own personal assets at risk. No bank would lend them money without proper insurance in place. If the place burns down half way through who would pay? It had to be insured to build it.”

Q: Why do you choose to sell insurance?

David Ford: “I can help people and I get to help them solve big problems. As a trusted advisor we look at a lot of facets of people's lives and businesses. You don’t have to live in a big city either. With advancements in technology, our customers can be located anywhere and we can still help them.

Q: Why do you want to help people and solve problems?

David Ford: “Helping people solve problems is core business. Find a need and fill it. It’s part of the family upbringing, it’s what we were taught to do. Help your neighbor.”