Complete Coverage

We are all busy. Busy with work, family, picking up the groceries, is it Aunt Debbie’s birthday next week? Did you remember to feed the cat?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in day to day life and we understand that the last thing you want to focus on is what your insurance does and doesn’t cover.

Ford Insurance Agency likes to take a complete coverage approach to insurance. The beauty of being an independent agency is that we get to work with multiple carriers which allows us to create custom insurance packages that everyone deserves.

Truly complete coverage

Let’s say you have a homeowners policy...does that cover your RV in the garage? What about the rental home on Lake Michigan? If you own your business, do you have a buy-sell life insurance policy? Does your son drive a fast car? What if 'Fluffy', the family dog, bites someone?

We might ask a few questions, but we promise if you take the time to answer them, we’ll be able to do a better job by looking at your entire portfolio and make sure you have the most complete coverage.

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