Business Auto

The importance of business auto insurance

We know that your business is often times dependent on vehicles and that automobiles can be an essential part of your operations. Commercial auto insurance or van insurance can help protect your employees and vehicles from bad roads, extreme weather conditions and other drivers on road that are beyond your control.

What’s covered with commercial truck insurance

  • Bodily injury liability: Coverage for other drivers’ and passengers’ injuries or death for which you’re responsible.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This includes losses resulting from an event other than an accident, such as theft or a fallen tree branch on your vehicle.
  • Collision Coverage: The policy covers your vehicle when met with an accident.
  • Property damage liability: Under this auto insurance policy, we provide coverage for someone else’s property for which you are responsible.
  • Medical Payments coverage: Covers the expenses incurred by you and passengers in your vehicle injured in an accident.

We’ll take care of that

Whether you manage just a few cars or a full truck fleet, our commercial vehicle insurance coverage options help ensure you and your businesses are fully safeguarded. To learn more about business auto coverage, call us at 231.941.0450 or send us an email at

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