Cyber Liability

Cyber liability insurance can protect sensitive data

Do you own a business that handles sensitive customer data, such as credit card and bank account numbers? Data breaches may pose serious threat to your financial stability. Cyber liability insurance protects start-ups, small, medium and large companies against the expenses associated with a data breach.

Cyber risk insurance can help protect your business assets by paying for court-ordered compensation, legal defense and other related expenses. This can also help rebuild and restore your customers’ faith in your company and save you from worrying about data breach-related expenses.

Some of the policies under cyber liability insurance include:

  • First-party coverage: This offers financial compensation to help address immediate customer business needs in case of your in-house IT network goes down.
  • Third-party coverage: This policy protects you from lawsuits brought on by a customer or partner for data breach.
  • Some of our other policies insure additional tools and consultation services to help your business continue operating in the event of a security breach.

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