Adult Foster Care

The importance of elder care insurance

Running an adult foster home or senior living community takes a great deal of time, dedication and patience. Researching to find the best insurance protection plan can be complicated. Our adult foster care insurance is dedicated to offer tailored policies that provide proper insurance protection in the event of a loss or claim.

What elder care insurance covers

Besides our basic coverages, our elder care insurance also includes:

  • Professional Liability: For example, this policy provides protection if medications are administered incorrectly and a lawsuit is filed.
  • Non-owned and hired auto liability: A policy under assisted living facility insurance offers protection if your staff uses their personal vehicles to transport residents to doctor’s appointments and are involved in an auto accident.
  • Loss of Business Income: This policy covers your building that is damaged from fire or other unforeseen events and your residents are moved to another facility, while leaving you without any income.

We’ll take care of that

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