The importance of non-profit insurance

Much like a business or a homeowner, a nonprofit organization needs to protect its property from loss in a fire, by theft, or from many other hazards. Nonprofits can be lawsuit targets as well. Without insurance, a lawsuit could prove financially devastating. Whether a human services, arts, educational, civic, or other type of nonprofit, an appropriate level of insurance to cover defense costs and damages should be secured to protect your organization.

How non-profit insurance can be your safety net

With the shoestring budget on which many non-profit operate, a single large and unexpected expense would certainly lead to financial ruin. Therefore, getting the right insurance to protect the organization against the risks will serve as a right move. Below mentioned insurance may be the best-suited for your non-profit organization.

What is covered with non-profit insurance?

  • General Liability Insurance: This coverage protects the organization from third party claims.
  • Property Insurance: In the event of a fire, earthquake, vandalism, storm or similar event, insurance covers not only the building – owned space or rented – but also covers fixtures, equipment and machinery, office furniture, inventory and supplies, computers and accessories.
  • Directors and officers liability: If your organization’s board of directors and officers are personally named in the lawsuit, alleging fraud or financial mismanagement, the insurance covers the cost of defending the directors and officers and pay any resulting money damages.
  • Auto Insurance: The policy covers injuries a driver causes to other people or property while carrying out your organization’s business.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Protects against liabilities resulting from services rendered from the organization.

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