Expect the unexpected and learn more about business insurance for retailers

Unexpected situations happen all the time. Equipment breaks, an employee may slip and fall, you could experience shoplifting. These scenarios aren’t fun but there is a way to feel confident that your customers, employees, and property are protected. Under our business insurance for retailers, we have the coverage that can help you safeguard your retail business against a variety of situations.

The policies under retail business insurance include:

  • Income Coverage: This allows you to continue your business even when your store is being rebuilt and replaced.
  • Property Coverage: The policy covers the store location and also the contents inside – fixtures, inventory and equipment.

We’ll take care of that

In addition to the above, our retail insurance also offers pollution coverage, crime, liquor liability and spoilage or food contamination coverages. Let us help explain all of your options as a retail business owner, call us at 231.941.0450 or send us an email at

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