Individual Life

Protect your loved ones

A life insurance policy is designed not to protect you, but the ones who matter most to you. Life insurance can provide funds to allow your beneficiaries to replace some of the income you would have earned, to help pay off debt or to cover funeral and other expenses. Talk to an agent to discuss the best option for your individual situation. We’ll walk you through the choices and gladly answer any questions.

Types of life insurance policies:

  • Term life: Under this policy you could be paid out if the named person dies within the defined term. It simply insures against loss of life, and the relatively low premium reflects this.
  • Whole life: Unlike life term, this policy does not have any predefined term. It provides death benefit protection over the whole life of the insured.
  • Universal life: Here, cash value is determined by short-term interest rates unlike the long-term rate of a whole life policy.

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