Umbrella Coverage

Make sure you are covered with umbrella insurance

We can’t predict the weather, and sometimes when you least expect it to rain, it pours. In the insurance world there is a way to protect yourself from unexpected rain and that is with umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance can protect you against major claims and lawsuits that aren’t necessarily covered by your homeowners, auto, boat or other insurance coverage.

Our umbrella coverage provides:

  • Protection for covered claims by others for personal injury or property damage caused by you or members of your household/family. They also cover hazards on your property for which you are legally liable.
  • Protection against non-business related personal injury liabilities such as slander, false arrest, libel, or wrongful eviction.
  • Personal liability coverage for occurrences on or off the premises.
  • An additional layer of protection above your primary auto policy against auto-related liabilities.

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