Condo insurance that covers it all

Condos are a great alternative to renting an apartment or owning a single family home, but they have their own unique insurance needs. Just like your condo offers amenities that fit your lifestyle and budget, condo insurance is designed to protect you and your family’s unique needs.

If your condo is damaged by a covered loss, these are just a few things which may be covered:

  • Alterations, appliances, your personal contents, fixtures and improvements that are part of building unit where you reside.
  • Structures such as your shed or garage.
  • Property for which you are responsible under the condo association agreement.

Additional personal liability coverage within condo insurance

Along with the above mentioned coverages, Ford Insurance Agency also offers personal liability coverage which covers injuries that occur in your home or accidental damage to someone else’s property.

  • Lawsuits filed against you seeking covered damages.
  • Medical bills for someone outside your family, who has been injured on your property.
  • Covered losses assessed by the condo association to owners.

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